Call your leaders to shine a light on the Trump budget

  Will you stand with thousands of fellow Christians to shine a light on the Trump education budget?


Our leaders in Congress need to know that Christians oppose budget cuts that will hurt low-income students.

We need hundreds of people making thousands of phone calls to make sure the message gets across loud and clear. 

Never called Congress before? Don't worry. It's easy.

Calling Congress is widely considered one of the most effective forms of advocacy and is more effective than petitions, emails or letters. Your call will likely be answered by a staff member of the office who will ask for your name and email address. They'll make a record of your call and tally the amount of calls they recieve on the topic. While you should make the message your own, below are a few examples of what you can say:

Hi, my name is [your name] and I'm a constituent from [your town/city]. I'm calling because [express your opinion on an issue here]. Please tell [rep name] to [support/oppose/speak out against] [your issue]. Thank you for your time.

Specifically on education:

As a Christian, I feel the need to speak out on behalf of students everywhere because I believe in a high quality education for ALL God's children. The Trump Administration's education budget proposal would cut critical funding for low-income students and increase education inequality. I'm calling to ask you to oppose the Trump cuts and speak out on behalf of vulnerable students to make sure that a child's zip code does not determine their destiny.

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